Have $10? Start your own home based business! No Joke!


I recently joined i Living App because I thought the product was really cool. . .everyone loves cell phone apps! Billions of people own cell phones, so I think this product could go viral, and become very popular! I also love that i Living App is just $9.95 per month, which gives everyone an equal opportunity to earn money online! In this review you will learn about a very unique, innovative product which you can benefit financially from, and acquire business knowledge and personal developement skills.

What is iLA — iLiving App?
i LA-iLiving APP is a brand new mobile app that delivers high quality and professional personal development videos directly to your smart phone, ipad, or mobile device weekly. It’s the very first and one of a kind smart phone application, which was developed to help the average person to earn money from the billion dollar mobile app industry. The app will allow members to get paid from simply sharing it with their friends and business partners. The app provides training videos on success, motivation, leadership, professional development, and personal growth type resources such as:

■Goal Setting
■Time Management
■Financial Management
■Personal Development
■Business Development
■Leadership Development
■Personal motivation, and more
Who are the President and Vice President of iLA?

John Rodgers is President of iLA. He has been in sales and marketing for over 20 years, and has had a good deal of personal experience in the network marketing industry. The concept of iLA was born out of his experiences over the years. He dreamed of forming an MLM company that is designed to truly help the person in the field. John Marr, the Vice President, is also the developer of the iLA app and is a seasoned highly successful app creator of over 50 apps. In addition John also has years of experience in professional quality video production and strong relationships with top tier brands like Warner Brothers and Apple. You can visit http://www.savageapps.com to learn more about John Marr.

How Much Is The I Living App Business Opportunity?

The cost to get started is very low, a little $10 Fee!

Being an associate gets you the following Benefits. . .

-Delivery of the weekly video content

– Access to the video archive

– Personal website

– Ability to earn from the matrix program

iLA Compensation Plan

iLA iLiving App uses a 3×7 Forced Matrix compensation model which just means that for each person there can only be 3 direct people wide and 7 levels deep. This creates a matrix of just over 3,000 people.

This Matrix makes it easy for iLA users who are not interested in promoting the product but want to make a passive income to the tune of $2,500/month.

For people who want to actively promote the product, the potential income increases:

Directly Refer 3 — 10% Bonus match on each filled matrix = Extra $753. 51/month

Directly Refer 6 – 20% Bonus match on each filled matrix = Extra $3,016.50/month

Directly Refer 10 -40% Bonus match on each filled matrix = Extra $10,047.00/month

The only requirement to participate in the Matrix Referral Pay Plan is to become an Associate one of two ways:
1. Join for only $9.95/month, or

2. Enroll two retail customers for $6.95

iLA iLiving App Positioned to Go Viral

The company has ensured that this product will go viral by having:

■No barrier to entry — only $9.95/month
■No risk — 30 Day Back Guarantee
■No recruiting requirements
■No requirements to get paid
■Worldwide Business
i Living App has surpassed its 90 day goal in just the first few days of launching. This company and the application have gone viral very quickly!

The company officials have reported that their 90 day goal was to have 10,000 associates at the end of 90 days, however there are now 14,000 associates in just a little over a week for the iLA pre-launch. I believe the unique product, the low cost montly fee, and the popularity and demand for cell phone apps are the reason for the fast growth of i Living App.
This is a very innovative idea, provides personal development and business training, and is a low cost opportunity business opportunity that everyone can benefit from whether you choose to promote it or just earn passive income. You really don’t have anything to lose. . ..there’s even a 30 day money back guarantee!

For More Information And To Join Please Click – http://www.ilivingapp.com/luis

Feel free to email us with any questions! info@luismartinezdesigns.com


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